Police: $8,000 in Gift Cards, $1,200 Cash Reported Stolen from Unlocked Car


Police say $8,000 in gift cards were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Autumn Lane.

The theft, reported at 12:56 p.m. Monday, also included $1,200 cash that was in a wallet in the vehicle, according to police.

At about 8:08 p.m. on the same day, $40 in cash was reported stolen from a motor vehicle on Fitch Lane, police said.

The illegal entries of vehicles came days after a 2021 BMW X7 was reported stolen from a residence in town, and vehicles were entered illegally on Hicock, Bayberry and Greenley Roads, with a woman’s jacket, a vehicle registration and an insurance card stolen from them, among other items.

As of Nov. 21, Police Chief Leon Krolikowski reported that the department at that point in 2021 had investigated reports of 36 stolen vehicles and 42 vehicles entered.

The chief’s theft prevention tips include locking up motor vehicles, taking keys inside and never leaving valuables in a car.

2 thoughts on “Police: $8,000 in Gift Cards, $1,200 Cash Reported Stolen from Unlocked Car

  1. Should we really advertise that people leave that much value in an unlocked car in New Canaan? Maybe these lapses in judgement shouldn’t be reported?
    It sends a message that is also received by those who brake the law.
    Anyway, all of us have to get our act together and lock up etc. because it seems we just have to these days.

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