Police: Shotguns Stolen from Unlocked Vehicle

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Police say they’re investigating the theft of shotguns last week from an unlocked vehicle in New Canaan.

Chief Leon Krolikowski said during Wednesday night’s regular meeting of the Police Commission that the theft comes one month after four firearms were stolen from a vehicle on Michigan Road.

“That is a tremendous concern, safety issue for me,” he said during the meeting, held via videoconference.

“I am also reaching out to our state legislators to change the law related to the safe storage of firearms. Right now it applies only to pistols and revolvers in vehicles. It doesn’t apply to rifles and shotguns. So I am hopeful that they will take that up as a safety issue.”

He referred to a state law that took effect in October 2019. Those violating it are guilty of misdemeanor-level charges for a first offense and felonies for subsequent offenses. 

It wasn’t clear where or exactly when last week’s theft was committed and reported to police, or how many shotguns were stolen. Krolikowski withheld details, saying the incident is under active investigation.

In 2020, larcenies from vehicles increased by 50% in New Canaan, from 32 to 48, Krolikowski told the Commission. And stolen vehicles nearly tripled from 10 to 27 last year, he said.

“I think every community in Fairfield County is seeing a substantial increase in stolen vehicles and thefts from vehicles,” he said. “But it’s one of those crimes that’s pretty simple to prevent. Just lock your car and take your keys with you and it’s likely you wont be a victim.”

One thought on “Police: Shotguns Stolen from Unlocked Vehicle

  1. It would be interesting to know if the shotguns (why does anyone have shotguns loose in their car?) are registered and, if not, what the penalty is.

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