One thought on “Selectman Corbet Defends Appearance in 1913 Library Group’s Photo

  1. I’m a board member of the Preservation Alliance, and I organized this photo shoot rather on the spur of the moment. The 13th day of the month seemed an appropriate time to honor the 1913 Library and state our strong desire to save this highly recognizable and very beautiful landmark in our town. We believe it should be protected, not only because it is so worthy and so irreplaceable, but also because the building is within our Business District A which means it should be protected by our Village District Design Guidelines and Plan of Conservation and Development. Also, I wouldn’t say that I “invited” people, I mentioned it to a number of people that I am in touch with, and asked them if they would be able to come. I wanted anyone who cares about preserving the building to come, and many people wanted to come and just were not able to. I didn’t mention it to Kevin Moynihan only because I didn’t want to put him on the spot, but I have since told him I was sorry I didn’t alert him about it, as I know he has said publicly that he cares personally about saving the 1913 Library in place.

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