Three More Smash-and-Grabs Reported Monday at Waveny


Police say they received three more reports Monday of smash-and-grabs from motor vehicles parked at Waveny.

Asked about the larcenies, Police Lt. Jason Ferraro said the vehicles had windows smashed in and items taken from them, the same method used Sunday in similar crimes.

Monday’s reports from Waveny came in at 12:20, 12:37 and 12:39 p.m., according to a police log.

It isn’t yet clear just what was stolen. Sunday saw purses, an iPhone, wallet and several banking and ID cards stolen from parked cars.

The five larcenies in just two days is already five times the total number of larcenies from vehicles in all of January 2020 (one), and almost at the total number from January 2021 (six).

As reported, town officials revealed recently that progress had not been made eight months after police recommended installing security cameras at several locations in town in town in order to deter crime and help investigators, and that some of the cameras installed nearly one year ago at motor vehicle entrances to Waveny aren’t working.

It’s been three years since New Canaan resident Hilary Ormond, an attorney, launched an online petition calling for security cameras at Waveny. The petition garnered more than 2,250 signatures online and Ormond has since been elected to the Town Council.

Police have said that although the 300-acre park doesn’t need surveillance throughout, it would help investigators to have cameras at entrances and exits that capture images of license plates and people in vehicles.

Asked for her thoughts on the situation, Ormond said in an email. “I’m disappointed to hear that the cameras at Waveny Park appear not to work properly. It’s my understanding that the town paid a fair amount of money to a security consultant regarding placement and selection of cameras, so for them not to work effectively is quite alarming. I hope this can be rectified quickly.”

15 thoughts on “Three More Smash-and-Grabs Reported Monday at Waveny

  1. Like other New Canaanite readers, this is not the news I expected to read this morning. Five larcenies in 48 hours is not acceptable and shocking.
    Why aren’t the security cameras working? Mike, can someone from the police department share a comment? I am worried about the escalation and brazenness of these thefts occurring in broad daylight. In addition my concern is for our residents and visitors who frequent our parks. Anyone have a suggestion?

    • It’s certainly something to raise in the monthly Police Commission meeting, to ask how these crimes are being addressed. These are open to the public and held the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at police headquarters. Anyone who would like to formally address the Police Commission should contact the Chief’s Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Mardorf, at 203-594-3512.

      • Hi David,

        Thank you for the sharing this information with New Canaanite readers.

        According to our government calendar the next Police Commission Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 6pm at Police Headquarters 174 South Avenue UNLESS it will be a Virtual “Zoom” meeting.

        In the interim, please send comments to the Police Commissioners by email at:

        In your email include your full name, address and contact number.

        As Mr. Finkel stated in his comment above,
        anyone who would like to formally address the Police Commission should contact the Chief’s Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Mardorf, at 203-594-3512.

  2. Given that the cameras in Waveny are not working, is it too much to ask the NCPD actually have a presence in the park to deter these increasing property crimes? We’ve now had several years of increasing car thefts, car break-ins, mail theft, and home break-ins, all without much response from the NCPD. Without stopping these crimes or at least a police presence, residents are going to stop using the park, and eventually these crimes will continue to escalate.

  3. This smash and grab is becoming prevalent in this area. Greenwich and Stamford has also had a few of these incidents this week. I am amazed at the times that these robberies are taking place. I wonder if this is all connected to the same group. Having the cameras working could help.

  4. OMG! Exactly what I predicted when I was against these surveillance cameras in Waveny. They would be a waste of money, require a lot of maintenance and most likely unable to produce the evidence needed as the culprits use stolen plates or stolen vehicles for their crimes.

  5. It’s curious to me that some think the police are part of the problem here. If a person were to, say, get super drunk and bump into their furniture, break some dishes and get themselves covered in mystery bruises, would you say the problem is with the furniture and flatware manufacturers for not making their product more drunk-person-proof? Or would it seem more reasonable to suggest the drunky cut back a few? The reason we have so many car thefts, smash-and-grabs, etc is because for whatever reason some people can’t grasp the concept of not leaving their keys and/or valuables in their car. In all the reports of car break-ins I’ve seen, I don’t recall one involving someone needing to hot-wire a vehicle, or take a blowtorch to a trunk to see if there was any hidden loot in there. In every single instance someone did all but put a sign in their window saying “Free car and expensive stuff.” The question isn’t why aren’t our police running around CT chasing down criminals who were essentially invited, but what can we as a town do to get everyone to adopt a behavior that should have been instilled in them as kindergartners? As far as replacing the broken cameras and getting the rest of the approved ones finally installed several months after they should have been, I’m sure our First Selectman would love if we all sent him a friendly reminder email.

    • Andrew Ault – No one is saying that police are part of the problem. No one is saying the police are responsible for smash and grabs and home invasions and mail theft, etc. What people want to know is how can the police be part of the solution.

      • Well, that’s what it seemed was implied to me. That the police aren’t “doing enough” to stop these crimes, or catch the thieves. If people would stop leaving valuables and keys in plain site they wouldn’t have to do anything. These are 100% preventable crimes. Instead of asking why the police aren’t doing more, why not ask why some people in our town aren’t doing the very least?

  6. People need to get caught up on the prevailing ideology. Stealing is no longer a serious crime, so in order to protect your things, don’t posses them. You’ll own nothing and like it. Follow the science.

  7. It was actually 9 larcenies; two people just drove away each day and didn’t bother waiting for the police. So 4 on Sunday and 5 on Monday. Imagine what they must think of our policing to show up two days in a row. They obviously know it well.

  8. Wouldn’t it be great if someone interviewed some of these “victims” and asked why they left the catnip in plain sight…after all the break-ins and warnings from the NCPD over the past 24 months.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if people would refrain from posting about specific behavior unless they were there and had any facts. There was nothing no “catnip” in my car visible. They targeted my vehicle just because of the type of car it was. They got $22. Did over $1,200 in damage on a car that is less than two months old some of the damage to seat is not repairable.

    • Agreed with this Jim. Also think it would help motivate those who do leave things laying around, unlocked, etc., to hear the crazy stories about the journeys stolen cars take finding their way back to New Canaan via the long and winding road of body shops, detailing services, insurance agency hold music and fun games of phone tag between different police departments in different cities. The souvenirs some of these joyriders leave behind might give some pause before they decide grabbing their keys from the center console is just too much of a hassle.

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