Town Appoints 16 To Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee


The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday appointed 16 people to a newly formed Committee that will study New Canaan and make recommendations on promoting  its economic development and tourism.

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan and Selectman Kit Devereaux voted 2-0 during the Board’s regular meeting to appoint a slate of candidates with expertise in local business (list below) to the Tourism and Economic Development Advisory Committee. Selectman Nick Williams was absent.

“We know a lot of these individuals,” Moynihan said during the selectmen’s meeting, held at Town Hall. “Some of them are individuals who are residents and volunteer, others are are individuals who work in town but do not reside in town. I think we have some real talent here. I was very surprised by the number of people who wanted to serve.”

Moynihan had proposed the Committee’s formation in October. A consultant who volunteers with the National Executive Service Corps will work under a $6,000 contract that the Board approved to assist the Committee during its first year.

Devereaux said of the group that she is “thrilled.”

“It’s a terrific group, we are very lucky,” she said.

Committee members are:

  • Richard Battista—former president and CEO of Time Inc.
  • Robert Doran—founder and president of Inovia Media Group/The Marketing Loft
  • BJ Flagg—president and founder of Nurenu Brand Marketing
  • Nancy Geary—executive director, New Canaan Historical Society
  • Jill Gordon—former marketing director, Modest Needs Foundation
  • Sheila Grow—owner, She La La
  • Nes Jaffre—owner, Roger Sherman Inn
  • Lisa Lynne Kirkpatrick—director, community initiative and program facilitator, faith initiative, Grace Farms
  • Matthew Kupersmith—partner and portfolio manager, Iron Compass LLC
  • Jack Loop—CEO, The Loop Company Inc.
  • Amanda Martocchio—principal, Amanda Martocchio Architecture 
  • John Matz—director, partner relationships, Tauck Inc.
  • Tucker Murphy—executive director, New Canaan Chamber of Commerce
  • Gregory Sages—executive director, Philip Johnson Glass House
  • Brock Saxe—president, Tombrock Corporation commercial real estate management
  • Jack Trifero—founder, Modern House Man; former owner Gramophone Inc.

3 thoughts on “Town Appoints 16 To Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee

  1. At this point I believe many of us are eager to hear some ideas. They might be good or they might be not so good. The issues however, do comprise a huge circle encompassing everything from real estate to retail. A good beginning for the Committee is to start from square one. Let each member stand and introduce themselves at the initial meeting. To get anywhere is to enter the process with a mindset that all are equal. If that is done the doors are open. Open doors bring fresh air.
    We are battling as are most retailers. The hand to play is staff and product. Competing with online or big box is a sinking ship. Carving uniqueness is the tunnel to take.
    Of course tourism is of interest but please do not close any streets. That has always been my mindset. I just don’t see it. Make Elm beautiful so real estate agents can show it off before visiting the intended house. In the vernacular, we got some. Shake it and bake it.

    • Ooops never mind – I was thinking more along the lines of MasterCard and American Express but I see there is someone with travel experience. Best of luck to all.

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