Wine Shop ‘The Red Grape’ Moving into New Space at Forest and Locust


The retail space at 42 Forest St., on the corner of Locust Avenue. The spaces on Locust will be designated 30-minute parking. Credit: Michael Dinan

The Red Grape, a wine and spirits shop that’s been located for more than a decade on Burtis Avenue, is moving into a new commercial space downtown.

The business is getting ready to move into a “brand new state-of-the-art” space at 42 Forest St., owner Ravi Punjabi told 

The street-level retail space is part of the townhouse mixed-use development on the corner of Forest Street and Locust Avenue. 

Punjabi through a limited liability company purchased the new retail space last month. It wasn’t immediately clear when The Red Grape would make the move. Asked about it, Punjabi said only that “more exciting news” will follow in two weeks.

During the Jan. 19 Police Commission meeting, Punjabi said the main entrance to the new shop will face Forest Street, with a rear entrance on Locust. He attended the meeting after requesting that three cut-out parking spaces on Locust alongside the future shop be designated 30-minute parking.

Commission Chair Paul Foley, Secretary Jim McLaughlin and member Shekaiba Bennett voted 3-0 in favor the change. 

Police Deputy Chief John DiFederico said there’s no signage yet for the parking spaces but that 30 minutes would be consistent with the parking time in front of the Post Office and in front of Joe’s Pizza. Those spaces were designated as 30-minute parking four years ago.

“Ravi contacted me and is seeking approval there to be consistent with the area,” DiFederico said.

The deputy chief added that he had contacted Parking Director Stacy Miltenberg who supported the designation, as well as Public Works Director Tiger Mann regarding signs.

Punjabi noted that the two-space cutout across the street, in front of Locali restaurant, are two-hour spaces. He requested that the Commission also change those to 30-minute spaces so that the block is consistent. The Commission said more research and input would be required prior to making that additional change.

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