7 thoughts on “Town Hires Consulting Firm To Study Parking Use Downtown, Recommend Changes

  1. It might be worth looking into how many people actually take the train every day as well. Has there ever been a study of how many people board or exit each train that comes and goes from New Canaan and the other stops on the line?

      • Andrea – thanks for posting this. A couple of reflections from the studies 1) The branch line numbers – despite figures from more than 10 years ago appear to show limited overall volume growth – it would be good to have the state / metro-north update these to see really where we are at with the various stations 2) The operating plan for 2030 (as outlined back in 2008/9) appears to show the branch line operating with essentially the same schedule as we have today. Based on this it appears like the state / metro north has really not focussed on an improved New Canaan branch line over the last 10 plus years nor did / does it have any plans to do that for the next 10 years – as the operating plan for 2030 for New Canaan appears the same today as it was 10 plus years ago (i.e. 20 years with no change). It is very good the town has hired this parking consulting firm (as parking remains a huge challenge for new commuting residents) and it is very good Kevin was up in Hartford last week talking with the State about the need to invest in the branch line. Also the Town Council has taken a strong position on the importance of improving the branch line. Hartford is the one that decides as they own the line – so our Rep’s there really need to make the case for us. In any of these studies we need to look at current use, bottlenecks and the real potential market so we know where and how to invest.

  2. As part of this report – I would like to request a study of:

    1. Removing parking meters/timed parking entirely in some lots – to promote shopping and restaurant visits. Please include Chamber of Commerce in this. I refuse to have lunch in town any more. It’s nerve wracking for everyone at lunch – to keep looking at the time for everyone to run out to the meters. You get indigestion – and if you don’t run out in time – a big ticket. It only has to happen once and that’s it for lunch in New Canaan. Also – FREE parking for people attending all Town Hall meetings.

    2. Study “Fee in Lieu of” – parking option for developers – where they pay a fee for not having required number of parking space. The fee is NEVER enough to cover creating a parking space some where else. Wrongly implemented a lot by Planner – Steve Kleppin – this is a State option – for BLIGHTED areas of CT to try to draw in development. It was never meant to be used in a highly desired town like New Canaan. I suspect study of the use of this will show it caused parking problems for the Town. Could the Study include documenting all times when it was used – it’s impact – and suggestions going forward.

    • Andrea – For as long as I have lived here (going on 17 years), I will never understand people like you who complain about not being able to eat lunch or shop in town without worrying about a meter or a time limit. Take some responsibility for yourself and plan accordingly. It is that simple. Do you want to have a leisurely 3 hour lunch? Park in the Locust St lot and pay a whopping $1.50 for your spot. Even better? Meet a friend to eat and shop at 1:15 and you can park FOR FREE for as long as you would like in the Lumberyard Permit Lot which is free after 1:15pm every weekday and all day Sat or Sun. It is possible and, frankly, quite easy to support our town while simultaneously avoiding a parking ticket.

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