Two 21-Year-Old New Canaan Women Charged with Permitting Minors To Possess Alcohol


Police late Sunday arrested two 21-year-old New Canaan women and charged them with permitting a minor to possess alcohol. 

At about 11:43 p.m. on July 4, officers were dispatched to a Lambert Road home on a report of a party with loud music, official said.

There, officers determined that the music was coming from the rear yard of a residential property set back from the road past the intersection of Oenoke Ridge, according to a police report.

During an investigation, police determined that youths in attendance were drinking alcohol, the report said.

Investigators spoke with both women—they presumably are twins, with the same birth date and surname—who were identified as the hosts, it said.

Both were charged with the misdemeanor-level offense at the scene, the report said.

They were released after promising to appear July 23 in state Superior Court.

6 thoughts on “Two 21-Year-Old New Canaan Women Charged with Permitting Minors To Possess Alcohol

  1. It seems to me the names of these two ADULT women should be in your article. I know the location and assume the parents want the names withheld. If the young women were young men living in a less affluent neighborhood, my guess would be the names would not be withheld. They are ADULTS! They are over 18 and shoul have consequences to their actions just like everyone else.

    • You mad?

      We publish the names of arrested people in cases of felony assaults (like this one), where it’s a matter of public service/safety to identify an individual for readers (e.g., a scamming contractor), where the context of the story compels us to identify the arrested person (like here) or where it would be coy for us to withhold a name where an arrest is already widely known and discussed in town (such as when Michelle Troncone, Fotis Dulos’s gf, was charged with tampering and obstruction).

      Nice try though.

      Thank you for submitting your comment. Wishing you the best in future shaming campaigns.

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