Mallozzi Will Not Seek Primary; First Selectman Congratulates Moynihan, Republican Nominees

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First Selectman Rob Mallozzi said Monday that he will not seek a primary for Republican endorsement for New Canaan’s highest elected office.

First Selectman Rob Mallozzi. Contributed

In an email to, Mallozzi said he is “presently hard at work doing the Town’s business and also working on my future plans.”

“I know a primary was going forthcoming had I won on Tuesday. However, I could never subject my family, and our community, to any more of the negative rhetoric and disharmony a protracted election season could bring should I have followed the path set by other candidates. I am very comfortable with my decision.”

A three-term incumbent, Mallozzi lost at the July 18 Republican caucus to challenger and Town Councilman Kevin Moynihan by a 612-602 margin.

In his email, he thanked “all that came out and voted last Tuesday.”

“And I am buoyed by the wonderful outreach and encouragement I have received ever since,” he said.

Mallozzi added: “My best wishes and congratulations to Kevin Moynihan, Nick Williams, Tom Butterworth, John Engel, Rich Townsend and Penny Young for their triumph in the contested races at the Republican Caucus. Celebrate New Canaan—it’s one heck of a town.”

The question of whether Mallozzi would seek the Republican party’s backing after such a close loss at the caucus has been asked many times since the surprising results came in. At first the first selectman said only that he was “considering all options.”

3 thoughts on “Mallozzi Will Not Seek Primary; First Selectman Congratulates Moynihan, Republican Nominees

  1. Having known all the First Selectmen since, and including, Charles Kelly, I would have to say that there has been none better than Rob!

  2. Rob is a gracious and classy man and did a great job. We need leaders like him in Hartford. The timing is right for Rob to run for Governor.

    Let’s start a Rob for Governor campaign!

  3. A sad day for New Canaan Rob. You have been nothing but transparent, open doored, and behind what is best for our town and it’s citizens since I’ve known you.
    Though I’m so saddened by your decision, I applaud you for not stooping to the present political norms. You don’t look good with mud on you anyway!
    I would be honored to help send you to Hartford if that’s part of your plan. All the best!

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