Op-Ed: Moynihan Says ‘Thank You’ To Caucus Voters

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I was thrilled and humbled to win the endorsement of New Canaan Republicans for the office of first selectman at the caucus last Tuesday evening.

Kevin Moynihan won Republican backing in his bid for first selectman’s office at the July 18, 2017 caucus. Contributed

I would like to thank all Republicans who came out to vote at the caucus—1,277 strong. Such a large turnout on a summer night in July showed how engaged and concerned our fellow Republicans are about important issues facing New Canaan.

I felt that my message about the lack of sufficient commuter parking, poor to non-existent cell phone service in large parts of town, and problems with financial integrity and transparency in government resonated among voters, especially among commuters who I met on the train platforms at the New Canaan and Talmadge Hill stations.

I look forward to carrying this message to all New Canaan voters in the Fall as the Republican Party’s standard bearer, along with the entire Republican endorsed slate including Nick Williams, Tom Butterworth, John Engel, Rich Townsend, Penny Young, Claudia Weber and Andrew Brooks.

I welcome feedback and advice from citizens in the months ahead. Please feel free to email me at moynihan2017@gmail.com.


Kevin Moynihan

Endorsed Republican Candidate for First Selectman

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