6 thoughts on “New Petition to Install Surveillance Cameras in Waveny Follows Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos

  1. New Canaan is a safe place overall, but, we should always be looking at and supporting new ways to improve and maintain the safety of all our residents and visitors. From installing cameras in our open public spaces to creating surveillance camera registries of existing business and residential cameras that can be accessed by police as a resource to solve crimes, a new era in our country needs new ideas and new solutions.

  2. My understanding from the press is that Mrs. Fulos’ car was not found at Waveny but only near-by and she was killed in her garage on Welles Lane. Hence the petition seems to be misguided. On the other hand, whatever Chief Kolikowski needs, the Town should get it. But we shouldn’t react emotionally but rationally.

    • It’s true that it would have not stopped the crime. But it could have been invaluable after the fact to bring justice for Jennifer and assist the police in their exhaustive work in this complicated case. But this case alone is certainly not the only reason they should be there. This is where we drop off our kids for sports, run the trails which are often sparse of people. Joggers have been harassed, cars have been broken into and there was a pretty major assault case on the 4th of July many years ago that was really bad. It’s our towns largest gathering place and everyone should be able to enjoy this beautiful asset without fear. Cameras serve as a big deterrent too.

    • The petition is far from misguided. In fact, it is very well written with much thought put into it. The car was found on Lapham Road where many people park to utilize Waveny. Yes, allegedly a crime took place in the home on Welles Lane but if there were cameras in the vicinity of where the car was abandoned, that would have been extremely helpful to the investigators. I believe the author of the petition stated perfectly that as an attorney, she “knows the value of photographic evidence in a criminal prosecution”. That is a rational reason to have cameras placed in the park…not an emotional one.

  3. Too many cars get broken into there – Cameras at front and back entrance would help solve this problem

  4. Another waste of taxpayer money installing, monitoring and maintaining cameras. While the Dulos case is definitely tragic, let’s stop with the knee jerk reaction to every incident.

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