2 thoughts on “Town Approves Contract for Schematic Designs of Renovated Police Station

  1. Michael,
    Great period photograph!
    If the renovation could reproduce the original small-paned sash windows, that would be an enormous PLUS for the appearance of the facade. Eliminating those current heavy-handed push-out 1970’s? windows and replacing with the delicate design of the originals would be a big help to the aesthetics. Compare it to much better renovation of the school building next to it.
    Note, we have lost the front steps to accessibility, and the stone wall and pillars to parking….but yet there is a lot left to love. This 1928 school building is part of our “Beaux-Arts” or “Colonial Revival” heritage.

    • Couldn’t there be a way to put back the front entrance the way it was with the grand steps and get the accessibility by another means? Maybe a mechanical lift on the side? Or maybe having the accessibility in the new rear of the building like it is with the new Town Hall? An interior elevator would allow for accessibility circulation on the inside. Seems like there would be ways to put the steps back in and return the building to its original design? Imagine a ramp like that covering the main Town Hall entrance off Main. Recreating the original steps as part of the new PD building should be part of the architect scope.

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