One thought on “VIDEO: New Canaan Animal Control, Firefighters Rescue Orphaned Raccoons

  1. My family and I are consistently reminded of what a great community we live in. As a parent it was heartbreaking to see these orphaned baby raccoon siblings in a bad spot. And not knowing where to turn Allyson Halm was an amazing resource, she not only is extremely knowledgeable, but a truly caring and lovely person. As usual, the fire department acted selflessly and efficiently to take care of the job at hand and they completed their mission successfully. And we came in contact with Wildlife in Crisis for the first time. What an amazing place. They care for those creatures who can’t care for themselves. When my wife entered their facility, she was greeted by a seagull walking the hall and a group of compassionate animal lovers who set about to care for a tiny raccoon in serious trouble. We learned that Wildlife in Crisis is run completely by volunteers and it depends entirely on donations. Each year they care for over 5,000 injured or orphaned wildlife animals and return them to their habitat. Their website is if you would like to learn more about the organization.

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