Coltrane the Black Lab: Doesn’t Know What a Mid-Life Crisis Is


Here’s our new installment of “New Canine-ites,” where we profile our local dogs. Last week, we ran into a pair of Labrador retriever puppies (prepare to saw Awww). This week, we take a look at 10-year-old black lab Coltrane, a New Canaan resident since age three months. Coltrane often can be visited right at work with his dad, town resident and New Canaan Bicycles owner Lou Kozar. Kozar laughs to recall what it’s like to travel to a client’s house in the summer with Coltrane: Homeowners lovingly offer use of their pool to the dog (while Kozar himself sweats out a repair in the sun).

Meet Bruno and Winston, Born Four Days Apart


For this installment of “New Canine-ites,” we caught up with a pair of new residents, puppies Bruno and Winston Bratches, in front of Family Britches on Elm Street, where a small crowd had gathered to admire them. Newly arrived from the same kennel in New Hampshire, the Labrador retrievers were born four days apart, said mom Patty Bratches. (Bruno is the black lab, Winston yellow.)

The family decided to get the dogs after losing two 15-year-old yellow labs, she said. Asked where New Canaanites can expect to meet the pups, Bratches said: “We’re socializing them all over town. We’re not dog park people, so we will socialize them all around town.”

“They will be at Family Britches all the time,” she added with a laugh as staff members at the Elm Street store joined the crowd on the sidewalk, admiring Bruno and Winston.

Arusha the Chow Chow: Has a Boyfriend, Facebook Page


Arusha the Chow Chow—an ancient Chinese dog described as typically “reserved and discerning with strangers,” according to the AKC—is an unusual example of the breed, and a terrific dog to profile for this feature, New Canine-ites. That’s because for her entire 3.5 years, she’s gone to work with owner Shawn Webb, store manager at Ten Thousand Villages. “She’s been hyper-socialized since she was a puppy,” Webb said on a recent afternoon from the shop—open since November on the corner of East Avenue and Main Street—as Arusha relaxed at his side. “Both my prior job and here, she went to work with me every day, so she would meet 10 to 20 new people every day,” Webb said. “Most Chow Chows are not that way and are only loyal to their owner, and not really outwardly friendly.

Charles the Borzoi, New Canaan Resident, Loves Lamb


We caught sight of a Borzoi, or Russian wolfhound, as the leashed animal and its owner walked up Elm Street near Ralph Lauren. Gregory Melnitsky, a Moscow native who speaks excellent English with a thick accent, has had Charles (or “Sir Charles,” Melnitsky said) since puppyhood. Charles hails from Nebraska originally, Melnitsky said. A PhD who immigrated to the United States 25 years ago, Melnitsky said he’s lived in Connecticut for his entire time here. He’d lived in Westport while running a construction mixing materials laboratory for a Fairfield-based company, and moved to New Canaan three years ago.

Jagger the Husky Knows Where New Canaan’s Cookies Are

[Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of ‘New Canine-ites,’ where we profile our local dogs. Last week, we met Beaufort the Newfoundland on Elm Street.]

Jagger the 5-year-old husky was named after Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger “because he’s a rock star,” owner and New Canaan resident Amy Mackimm says with a laugh on a recent afternoon on Elm Street near South Avenue. “He’s very mellow and friendly,” Mackimm told us of Jagger, who came from a breeder in Maryland. “A laid back personality, especially for a husky.”

Jagger’s favorite places to go in New Canaan include Waveny—both Spencer’s Run and the trails—and “he loves to walk in town and get dog treats over at Benefit,” Mackimm said. “And then there’s cookies over here by another store,” Mackimm said, nodding up Elm Street.