13 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty Warrant: Three Puppies Died in Butler Lane Home Due to Neglect [UPDATED]

  1. Very sad. At a minimum, we need a suitable Animal Shelter not to mention (from what I have read here) the Police Department is sorely in need of a new or renovated space. Why are funds being directed to the Town Library when these facilities are in such disrepair/neglect?

  2. When will Palmer be put in jail, with no food/water, until she appears in court and fined to highest penalty? Her picture should appear on front page of all local newspapers.
    New Canaan residents need to tell our Town reps we insist that a clean, safe animal shelter be provided….overseen by a paid animal rescue individual. We don’t need a Skating Rink…use that money to get started NOW. New Canaan prides itself on being the Next Station to Heaven. Live up to that!

    • Hi Cynthia. I’ve posted an update to the article with some comments from the police chief. As far as fostering or adoption goes, my sense is that with the court petition for an emergency ownership transfer still pending, the dogs are to be protected and cared for directly by the town/police right now. Should that change or should an opportunity for donations arise, we’ll get that information out immediately.

  3. Why the pushback on funding a new or renovated Animal Control shelter, especially given that it was presented as a public-private partnership? It’s been publicly noted that the current facility isn’t safe to house animals and this is not an area where town officials should be stingy! Time to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

  4. How do we start moving the new shelter forward? Do we need to replace our public officials to get this moving forward with alacrity?

  5. Those of us who foster dogs/cats for local shelters can take care of these puppies much better than the police can. I have a local shelter that can vouch for us. I know other families in town that foster as well.

    • Good point, Maria.
      Perhaps our Animal Control department, along with our local vets, know of good families who are willing to foster for these neglected animals until an adoptive family can be found.

  6. All these dogs suffers enough..now we’ll the town plays it’s games ..noted very upscale town ..why not let qualified loving people Foster these dogs according to care for them with their hearts..don’t you think these dogs need to love and affection that these people are willing to give them.. meanwhile give them to town officials that are not prepared really care for them that are basically forced to because their town it’s not set up or ready to care for them it’s not right it simply does not right…

    • People people people, these dogs are safe now because of New Canaan Police, not in spite of them or thanks to anyone in this thread. There’s a pending court petition regarding ownership of these dogs, and there’s an apparently sick woman on the lam who might want them. Until that legal matter is settled, let’s please have them stay in a secure facility rather than a residence with no police oversight. There are caring people who volunteer at the shelter. Also, for those in this thread who imagine this is a “I Care Most About Dogs” contest, try to remember that it was police responsiveness and Animal Control intervention that saved the lives of the surviving dogs, not after-the-fact finger-wagging from rubber-necking readers. Those authorities had to conduct a months-long investigation while knowing these animals were at-risk and suffering — that’s a difficult job to do, far more difficult than spending five minutes reading a news article and two more minutes typing out a self-serving comment. Redirecting your anger for an abusive breeder/peddler toward the actual rescuers here is unhelpful. Maybe turn your energies toward organizing a private fundraising group to replace the insufficient animal shelter.

      Thank you for commenting.

  7. To the person (Catherine) who submitted the comment below three times using different fake email addresses and anonymous usernames, please know we require readers to use full and verifiable first and last names in our comment threads—feel free to call me on my cell at 203-817-1278 to discuss. Re “real estate professional,” I’ve reached out to the Stamford office of Higgins Group to find out whether this is the same Catherine Palmer as the one who works there, but haven’t heard back yet. Thank you for this:

    “My husband and I are utterly APPALLED by the high amount of false/inaccurate information in this article. We have known Ms. Palmer and her family for years. She is a successful real estate professional and NOT running a ‘pet store’. We were having coffee at her home in a clean kitchen with 2 dogs and 4 puppies who had a clean environment and access to food and water continuously the weekend before Animal Control took the 2 adult well cared for dogs/4 puppies, the PERSONAL pets of the Palmer family and her 2 minor children! There was never a time when there were 12 animals in that home and it was always well cleaned! Also Ms. Palmer has one LIVE IN caregiver to stay 24/7 to care for their pets when she occasionally travels for work. Ms. Palmer also hired 2 others to care for her pets when needed and each dog/puppy was fully up to date with all vaccinations from a local veterinarian! These are well cared for animals that essentially were stolen. Its like this town has nothing better to do with themselves except, report false news and try to tear apart a lovely family during not only the holidays but a pandemic! Those animals should be returned to the Palmer family as soon as possible. Mike you should be ashamed of yourself for reporting such inaccurate information before anyone has their facts straight. Find another profession, please!”

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