6 thoughts on “Black Bear ‘211’ Seen Killing Fawns in New Canaan Thursday, Friday

  1. I don’t think we should interfere with Baloo at lunch time. Bears are omnivores. There’s no need to haze them for being bears.

    • If I’m reading Officer Halm right, she’s saying that if this bear becomes so comfortable and habituated to being near people that he doesn’t want to move off into a less populated area —- and why would he if there’s plenty of food here and the people he encounters are only taking videos of him —- then state officials may determine that he poses a threat and needs to be killed.

  2. Last Friday at 3:20 pm , we had one on upper Smith Ridge Road. He had tags his ears. Our neighbors had a visit in their driveway.

  3. If small mammals are a natural food source for bears, rescuing the fawn seems misguided, cruel as this sounds. This is natural population control for our over-abundance of deer.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. The bear is exhibiting natural behavior, and helping to do what “nature” does to control the deer population. We have too many deer.

  4. Today it’s a Fawn. Tomorrow a house pet. Get him a gift card at Whole Foods, or shoot him. He might even move to Florida to save tax, if you mention it to him.

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