3 thoughts on “Finance Board Chair: Selling Police Building ‘Wouldn’t Pay for the New Structure’ at Saxe 

  1. Whether it is the future home for the Police Department, or what to do with Waveny or are other buildings etc., etc., etc., examining all the options openly and publicly from beginning to end is the right way to manage this, or any other municipality. What we have instead is another example of just the opposite: “…a team assembled by Moynihan…keeping its work under wraps for many months…” But we can’t complain, this is what we voted for in the last local elections, with two more years of the same on the horizon.

  2. The issue isn’t about whether the sale would pay for a new location. (I doubt if anyone thought that would be the case. ) The issue is the Y/Saxe location, in particular, which includes the sale and the use of the current location. More than 950 people signed a petition against this location and in favor of renovating the current location. While it cannot be confirmed if all who signed actually live in town, my guess is that the majority do. When residents are asked for comment, as they should be, this location will be handily shot down. Looking forward to reporting about tonight’s finance meeting.

  3. Tax payers should be thankful for The Board of Finance. They are always the adults in the room.
    Since this seems to be crazy municipal idea week why not look at de-funding the police and repurpose all of that budget money?
    We keep hearing from the chief that the solution to crime is locking our doors.
    If everyone would commit to just locking their doors perhaps wouldn’t need the police.

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