7 thoughts on “First Selectman ‘Amused’ By Police Commission’s Memo on NCPD Building

  1. Why not the mulch pile area for police station? I should think there could be another area in Waveny or maybe Transfer Station for mulch.

    • There are deed-restrictions in all of our parks. According to Waveny Park’s deed:
      “The premises shall be held and used for the purposes of recreation, health, horticulture, public park and gardens, including by way of illustration, but not of limitation, the preservation and conservation of open spaces, bird sanctuaries, arboretums, and nature and equitation trails.”

  2. I don’t find it amusing that our highest elected official will not even discuss a recommendation from a commission he appointed because it conflicts with his vision to tear up Waveny Park. I urge all to watch the embedded video clip and judge for yourself.

  3. This Town owes thanks to Nick Williams for keeping the Police Station issue front and center in spite of the First Selectman’s unwillingness to even discuss the matter publicly. The First Selectman’s discourteous and dismissive manner toward the Police Commission and the other members of the Board of Selectmen is offensive.
    I was a member of a Town building review committee in 2017 that focused on what to do with the Police Station, and similar efforts long predated that committee. It is now 2022 and the First Selectman is avoiding any resolution other than the one he favors by dodging the issue. As Nick said, if there are six or eight other matters that must be considered first, by definition, the Police Station is NOT a priority. It should be.

  4. I am so disappointed by the First Selecrman’s attitude and comments. And I am saddened by the fact that the police department’s building and location discussion will probably continue for a few more years. The men and women who provide a safe and secure community deserve better.

  5. Funny that our first selectman chooses the word “amuse” to describe his reaction to those who advocate for the exact same thing everyone else in town does – keep the police station where it is, even if it means rebuilding it.

    Because the etymology of that word is “”to divert the attention, beguile, delude, fool, tease, hoax, entrap; make fun of” from Old French “amuser.”

    This kind of sums up his governance style in a word.

    I can think of a few more “French” words to describe it, but given his preference to listen mainly to himself and dismiss everyone else, “amusing” is probably the politest.

  6. In my view, the Police Station should remain where it is and be renovated. The current location of the Police Station has quick access to schools, to downtown, to the Parkway, etc.; is next to EMS, and has plenty of parking It is a handsome building that provides a good impression of New Canaan for people entering town on South Street. There is no better location. Let’s start the renovations and move this project along.

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