14 thoughts on “‘Dark and Dank’: Moynihan, Williams at Odds Over State of NCPD Animal Shelter

  1. A study? Seriously?
    The building is solid, except for the roof? Doesn’t take much imagination, or money, to freshen it and make it a suitable temporary spot for New Canaan’s lost pets and at worst, the rare situation we are now in. Ask the public to help insulate and spruce it up and quit the squabbling.

  2. The place is disgusting. I saw first hand how horrible it is a about a couple weeks ago when I had to go pick up my neighbors dog that got out. The place looks dirty I would not put a plant in that place. Moynihan must not care about animals lives it seems. Our town deserves a lot better and money needs to be shifted from things that are not a priority so we can rebuild the pound. How often the place is used is not an excuse not to rebuild it.

  3. I would invite Mr Moynihan to spend 24 hours there – with a blanket and a pillow. We will deliver food twice and leave him a gallon of water –

  4. I was horrified when my dog had to go here for two nights quarantine, it is not suitable for our furry family members. I know I am no longer a tax payer in New Canaan, but I just remember my feeling when I had to leave my dog there. It was terrible.

  5. We love our pets, but I haven’t heard any outrage over the mal-functioning toilet rooms at the Police Station … during a pandemic. First things first.

      • The toilet rooms in the police station are not in proper working order, where our large and well paid police force spends 24-7.
        Given that, it’s not surprising that the animal shelter is not in proper working order.
        Repair the police station toilets (at a minimum) and repair the animal shelter. New Canaan should stop the municipal disinvestment.
        And Mike, just to be clear, it doesn’t have to be the same repairmen. I’m sure the Town can match the appropriate repairmen to the task.

  6. Time for priorities, do we add to the debt for a library or fix the shelter and police station? I know where my vote would go. We need to resolve the issues with the core infrastructure that is owned and supported by taxpayers. The shelter needs attention immediately as well as the Police station. And no, we can’t have it all and drive up even more of the debt. We as a community need to make some choices.

  7. Licensed pets are a source of revenue. Where do those fees (and fines) go? Surely, this is not a money issue. Live animals, especially dogs, have feelings. They are not as dumb as some of the people who keep them. Allyson Halm does a great job. She should have a decent holding facility. We came to New Canaan over 40 years ago, but now spend much of the year in Florida, so I don’t have a vote, but I would be happy to contribute.It should also be possible to get help from local pet retailers in the form of things like food donations. There is nothing that can replace the unconditional love from a house pet. The elected braintrust of the Town might do something about this if dogs and cats could vote. C’mon, Tiger. (Mann). Somewhere in that vacuum you can figure out a place to put them (the pets, that is).

  8. Thank you for loving and caring about the welfare of New Canaan dogs and cats Nick Williams and Allyson Halm. With all of the other animal lovers in this town, I’m sure something can be done in a timely manner with the current town shelter.

  9. Thanks to Selectman Nick Williams for continuing to shine a light on this. I thought the idea for a public-private partnership was a great one and would be thrilled to support such an endeavor, as I’m sure other residents would as well.

  10. We need a real functioning animal shelter and functioning bathrooms in the police station before we spend $29000 on curbs to show off the stadium at New Canaan High School. I think someone should start looking at why that is even on the budget at this point in time.
    Thank you Allyson Halm for taking care of our furry family members.

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