4 thoughts on “Editorial: ‘Checks and Balances’ at Town Hall

  1. Well Mike, if I had had your support and if I had gotten elected, the worst I would have done is given you the occasional ‘how are you doing?’ handshake.

  2. I’ve have known Kevin Moynihan and his family for over 30 years. We
    are friends. I am writing today supporting Kevin and his reputation that has been viciously attacked by Michael Dinan in his opinion piece expressed
    yesterday. It’s ok not to like an official , or disagree with someone’s politics. It okay to disagree on a politician’s initiatives. But when it becomes a personal
    vendetta and done so with half truths and lies, then I think people should speak up. I believe Kevin is fair minded, he speaks in short sentences.
    Sometimes his abrupt way of speaking is misinterpreted. He is a lawyer and
    he gets to the point very quickly. I love that about him! Cut the small talk
    and say concisely what you mean. And I think that has helped him
    not only as a successful lawyer, but as a successful First Selectman. What
    you see is what you get. No smarmy double talk , no political insider crap.
    This town is now fiscally sound, roads have been improved, businesses are
    welcomed, water towers repaired, and the list goes on.

    I also want to let the public know that he has a remarkable wife who is
    kind and also incredibly smart. She has great insights into complicated issues.
    Kevin’s children went to the public schools here and both went Georgetown.
    They both married lovely people and have incredible jobs. Kevin has ridiculously Cute grandchildren. Every single one!
    Kevin, son, and Kevin’s wife weathered a terrible medical storm when
    Kevin’s daughter in law became very ill. So while Kevin managed the town,
    taken various hits from Dinan, he was dealing with a long term medical emergency that as of now been resolved. I just want you all who read
    New Canaanite to know Kevin Moynihan is a upstanding citizen and does his
    very best for all citizens of New Canaan as he does for his family.
    So my advice to all who read this is, always read Dinan opinion pieces, comments, with a certain jaundice eye. He chooses certain facts and hides
    others. As a reader of New Canaanite , I have told Dinan I like his Blog.
    He writes very well. But I also have been blocked twice and received emails
    With snarky comments. So unnecessary. We all need to standup when
    we believe someone has been mistreated. I hope there will more people who will have Kevin’s back and write to this publication. sincerely, Pamela McFeely.

    But attacking him personally isn’t something is out of line.

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